The software allows you to fill in the attendance online using manual data entry or biometric fingerprinting.


Student management software provides every exam details of entire section of a single subject. It allows to access performance of students in every session and class and provides the graphical representation of the student’s performance. One can compare the student’s performance in the subject with the class as it provides other information such as Class average marks and highest marks etc. So it has made easy to monitor performance of a student. It also provides access of medical details, leave details of student like on which date student took leave and what was the reason for leave. This also provides details of the documents submitted by student. Student management software also facilitates access of mark sheet of student from a single button. It shows the marks and grades of student in the graphical representation and its format is customizable. It is very easy to navigate through each student’s profile and access data of any student in a fast and convenient manner. Its searching is efficient and fast. For example if we want to filter data of students house wise and again class wise, it is very easy to filter. Also we can export it in excel only by a single click.


Student Management System is developed by candour systems that manage entire process of a student from the time of registration to the time of Pass out. It handles all details of a student such as academic details, personal details, and subject details. Student management System manages fee structure, roll Number generation, Time Table, Section of students, Date Sheet of exams and produce results based on the board guidelines. It has an option of accessing multiple branch from same location i.e. you can access info of student of your different branch like Parents’ name, DOB, current class, class in which student took admission, Emergency contact number.

Manage and track attendance for classes with the ability to include attendance history on the report card of students. Simply track student’s absences and let the parents aware instantly. Parents can track detailed information about their wards attendance.They can track all the related information at their login too. Separate reporting will be there , management can get class wise attendance report ,monthly attendance report complete academic year progress can also be tracked. Automatically import and process the student attendance data in a variety of formats. Easily access the attendance history of the student in real-time. Mobile attendance management enables easy access to attendance data and view the real-time status on iPhone & Android devices. Another benefit of School erp attendance feature is that students attendance information is available to parents immediately. Once a teacher saves the attendance record for the period, School erp automatically posts the attendance information to the appropriate Parent Portal without any further action from teachers. Parents can check in with the school through the Parent Portal once a day, once a week, or even period-by-period to ensure their students are attending their classes. It is another way that School erp helps keep parents actively involved in their students education.

Student Attendance & Staff Attendance

Maintaining an attendance register of students and staffs requires a lot of effort and accuracy. The erp provides feature to keep a record of attendance inside the system eliminating manual effort consuming task. It is also linked with the school academic year so that you need not fill attendance for school holidays, vacations and sundays. It also allows you to also fill basic attendance, day boarding attendance, lunch attendance and snacks attendance for the students incase your school provides the day boarding facilities.

Easy to use

Report of attendance for any period range can be generated easily.

Instant Absentees Message

School ERP permits the client to monitor the presence of all the students. There is a setup to inform the parents or guardian whenever their child is absent.

Various Attendance Report

Like attendance register, cont. ansentees, class attedance status or pecentages etc.