Exam management module makes teacher, admin and staff easier and productive. Manages every examination flow; publish results and report card.

This module is a savvy examination management system with high student performance analysis feature. The examination is most important academic activity to evaluate the student ability and performance. School ERP includes a wide-range of processes from exam timetable arrangement to creation of progress reports of students. Exam management modules include exam time table creation, question paper creation, marks entry, CCE report generation and final result display of student. The exam management software provides whole examination procedures just by following five simple steps like exam time table creation, question paper creation, marks entry, CCE report generation and generate final result. Exam management module very helpful to teachers for the updating students’ marks, remarks and generate various reports in bulk section which reduce time and paperless work.

Class wise Examination Setup

School ERP, any school or institute can setup exams class wise, like what all subject to be included in a particular class along with grades or marks.

Grades/ Marks Setup

School ERP has the provision, to declare the result either on grading system and grades can be defined on the basis of percentile, say 96%-100%, will come under A+ grade and 33%-38% will come under E grade.

Examination setup

Examination held during a session; class test, the mid-term examination, half-yearly or annually examination can be easily defined in School ERP.

Exam date-sheet Generation

Date sheet for every exam setup can be generated in School ERP to avoid confusion. This module will define particular dates allotted for each and every subject.

Final Assessment/ or Report card

Result sheet depicts student’s performance throughout the academic session and for staff management, it is very difficult task to perform this action. With School ERP, it will make easier for teachers show a graphical representation of student’s performance by maintaining academic or examination records.

Informing Parents about results through email, SMS

School ERP has the option for school management to send the result by SMS, Email to Parents as this is beneficial for parents to get to know about their student’s performance and ability by even performing in daily activities.

Subject wise Exam setup

Subject wise exam means, defining different subjects for different classes and further defining in academic and non-academic, compulsory, optional and additional, theoretical and practical papers, etc. with their codes.

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