School ERP software generates an outline of all modules in the form of reports. The software generates various reports like fees collection, student result, student/staff attendance, salary reports, account, student progress report etc.

User can predefine the report structure which can show header or school logo or address in footer etc. The report card module allows your school to print your student report cards directly or mail. School ERP software includes a number of reports available very easily and printable on any printer. Admin can add, update, delete and maintain all school related data by school administration module. Admin can give particular rights or access permission to particular user for different module in school administration software. With the help of school erp admin maintain the all data, create a various pre structure formats, generate customized reports, add or delete school or trust information etc work will be done easily. If you have more than 1 educational institute you can also manage all the institute data in single software and it is password protected so privacy level is very high.

Reports of fee details

Student Registration Reports

Student Admission Reports

Create custom report for students

Timetable for students & Teachers

Employee Attendance

Student Attendance

Invoice generation

Single Click for Entire School