Learn more about Skills Based Learning and its relationship to knowledge and curriculum. Download resources that can draw out specific learning skills from your pupils.

School erp of useful facts needed for navigating the world of work? A set of flexible skills to manage change in an uncertain future? Educationalists and politicians argue to and fro between knowledge and skills. Truth be told a good education gives you both: one (knowledge) giving the other (skills) contexts to develop.

Skills-Based Learning

Skills-based learning provides classroom environments where independence, thinking skills, collaboration and active learning are developed at the same time as knowledge is acquired.

Skills Based Training

ERP design in opportunities for skills development including team work, independent enquiry, self-evaluation, problem solving, time management, effective communication and critical/creative thinking.

Featured Skills Based Learning Resources

School ERP offering a simple way to create multiple subject-based tasks from which individual pupils can choose appropriate starting points.