Transportation management module includes vehicle name, route details, transportation fees etc which is created easiness to maintain details about transportation data also Transport fee collection is quite easy by predefined structure.

Transport module of School ERP takes care of Buses, Routes, Stops and relevant charges. You can Add/Edit/Delete as many buses. You may define routes as per your wish. Stops will be defined under that route. Students of the school will be attached to a Stop only.

Alert Through SMS/Email

Instantly inform parents and guardians with sms/email notifications with management notification system, parents can register to receive important notices related to schedule, stop or vehicle changes and find their child’s designated bus stop.

Easy to use

Easily upload data all route and transportation information through an easy-to-use school erp transport bus route management module. Centralize and maintain consistency in transportation information significantly reduce phone inquiries and complaints.

Single Click for Entire School