This procedure details the framework for the equitable distribution of fair and reasonable work allocation for academic and professional Employees.

Responsibilities of Supervisors

Ensure that Employees can take annual leave and long service leave in a timely manner so that Employees have adequate breaks from work.

Responsibilities of Employees

Employees play an important role in determining if work allocations are realistic and should communicate any work allocation concerns to their manager or supervisor as soon as possible.

Professional Employee work Allocation

Employee will be required to work extended or continuous periods of overtime as a pattern of work allocation.

Academic Employee work allocation

Academic work allocation encompasses activities in any or all of the following three areas: teaching and teaching related activities and scholarship; research; and service to the University, community and profession. In line with many professions, there are no prescribed hours of work for academic staff. This flexibility is an important part of academic life and enables work patterns to match teaching and research requirements.

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